YouTube Channel Monetisation Service

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Our ‘YouTube Channel Monetisation’ services allows smaller YouTubers to quickly meet the 4,000 hour watch time limit. Put simply, it allows smaller channels to start earning money by running ads on their videos. All within 24 hours!

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We will achieve the 4,000 hour watch time by doing the following;
1) We will ask you to upload a video which is x minutes long (if you don’t have one already) to your YouTube channel (it has to be listed publicly)
2) We will proceed to send x high retention views to your video
3) The total views will be delivered within x hours and you can then apply for monetisation as the threshold will have been met
4) You must leave the video up after to keep your channel monetised

Note: In addition to the 4,000 hour watch time threshold YouTubers are also required to have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers. Many YouTubers who use our services have already met this threshold and hence only need the hours, although we do provide subscribers to those who need it. Click here for more on this.


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