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How Affiliate Marketers Make Thousands With YTServices

One of our services which has proven to be very popular since the launch of our site a few weeks ago is our “Keyword Ranking Service”. One particular group which we have noticed that has been repeatedly buying our “Keyword Ranking Service” a lot in particular is affiliate marketers. This made us think – what is it about our “Keyword Ranking Service” that is so attractive to affiliate marketers. And that’s exactly we went and found out!


For those of you who might not know exactly what affiliate marketing is or those of you who haven’t heard of it before a quick summary follows. Affiliate marketing is the act of a business paying an individual a commission for selling their product on behalf of them. For example, a business might sell a smart phone for £100. If they profit £40 off each sale they then might offer individuals a commission of £20 for every sale they make. It’s effectively a win-win scenario for both the business and the customer (the business makes profit and gains a new, potentially long term customer, the individual profits through receiving a commission without having the pressures which come with running a business).


So, now that’s over with we’re brought back to the original point of this post which was to find out why affiliate marketers in particular keep buying our “Keyword Ranking Service” over and over again. The answer is that it’s EXTREMLEY profitable for them to do so! How is this so you may ask? Well one thing that few affiliate marketers know is the true power of affiliate marketing with YouTube. Take this for example. One hard working affiliate marketer invests a lot in a beautiful website to sell an affiliate product on. A potential customer looks at the site and decides to buy the product. The cookie (look to the end of this article if you don’t know what a cookie is)* which is tracking the sale is initially attributed to the affiliate who (almost) convinced the buyer to buy the product. Now let me put this question to you – how many times in the past before buying something online have you decided to do a quick search for a video review on YouTube? The answer is probably a lot! Even more so than you would expect! How do sneaky affiliates profit off this? After the original hardworking affiliate marketer has almost got the sale – sneaky affiliate marketers steal the cookie through a video product review with a link in the description of their YouTube video (effectively overriding the original affiliates cookie with their own). This meaning that they get the final hit on the buyer with their affiliate link and hence the full commission!


So sneaky affiliates are making big money off stealing cookies using product reviews. Now despite me earlier saying that few affiliate marketers know of this trick – those who do go HARD on it. Ultimately this means that it’s not uncommon to see more than one, if not hundreds of product reviews for the same product. Due to the nature of affiliate marketing a small amount of organic reach / views can mean £100’s in profits. For example if 100 people view a product review and even just ONE person buys the product. The affiliate could be receiving a £100 commission. That’s £1 profit PER VIEW! Now you should be able to see how a £29.99 investment in our “Keyword Ranking Service” can result in £100’s in profits for an affiliate marketer!


Are you an affiliate marketer or have you never tried affiliate marketing before? If you have – have you tried affiliate marketing on YouTube? Leave a comment on this post – we always try to respond to every comment!




* Cookies are a type of virtual tracker which is placed in the browser by an affiliate marketers website for example to ensure that if a potential buyer / site visitor does go on to make a purchase on a business’s website that it’s associated to them and that they get their earned commission. For each sale that is made, the cookies and hence commission are assigned to the LAST affiliate the buyer went through before making their purchase (in many cases, a YouTubers video review).

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